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Examination & Promotion
  1. There are two Terminal Examinations [ Mid & Annual] conducted during the academic year and the report will be issued within a fortnight.
  2. Besides the Terminal examinations there will be three assessments. A minimum of 40% marks, in each subject, is required to pass Promotion is based on the total performance of the
    student during the entire session. Therefore due attention should be paid on assessments, project work and examinations.
  3. Parents /guardians are requested to carefully examine the Report Card before signing it.
  4. Pupil absent from an examination without grave reason and due information, will be considered as having failed and no re-examination will be held. In case of illness, promotion will be based on the complete year's performance .
  5. Result of the examination is final and will not be reconsidered. The answer scripts/ paper of the Annual Examination will not be shown to anybody.
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